Project Overview

Project Overview

Cliffdale Creek


Cliffdale Creek Prospect, EPM 15136, is a copper-uranium exploration target located north west of Mount Isa adjoining the Northern Territory border.

Geologically, the permit is located over a section of the Murphy Tectonic Ridge; an anticlinal feature comprising volcanic sedimentary sequences to the north and south.

Previous exploration including regional mapping by Government agencies reported uranium and copper mineralisation to occur with hematite stained and hydrothermally altered breccia. This implies that EPM 15136 could be an iron ore copper gold uranium opportunity.

During the latter half of 2010 RMA engaged Fugro Airborne Surveys Pty Ltd to conduct an airborne magnetics and radiometric survey over the tenement area which has identified several areas of interest scheduled for field based follow up in late 2011.

Cliffdale Creek01

Cliffdale Creek02

Shows equivalence of units in the McArthur Basin and Lawn Hills Platform.

The above diagram details the broad structural and stratigraphic relationships across Murphy Ridge. Note the position of EPM 15136, section line A-B. Please note that along section A to B the Cliffdale Meta-volcanics are locally intruded by Proterozoic granitoids, uncomformably overlain by the metamorphic volcanic and sedimentary succession of Lawn Hills Platform. In the Southern part of the tenement, Proterozoic succession includes Wire Creek Sandstone and overlying Peter Creek Volcanics.

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